JSBSim Python Bindings

JSBSim Python Bindings is an open-source project which provides Python language bindings to the open-source C++ flight simulation model JSBSim.

JSBSim is an open-source flight dynamics model (FDM) implemented in C++. The FDM is essentially the physics/math model that defines the movement of an aircraft under the forces and moments applied to it using the various control mechanisms and from the forces of nature. JSBSim has no native graphics output. The model is used for example in FlighGear, an open-source flight simulator application, but also in a number of scientific application. For more information about JSBSim please have a look at jsbsim.sourceforge.net.

Using JSBSim through the Python bindings will be a little bit slower than using the native C++ API, but Python allows more rapid development of applications. Possible uses of JSBSim Python Bindings include, but are not limited to:

JSBSim Python Bindings is released under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL).

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